Antiviral and antibacterial
water-based disinfectant
The Problem
The COVID-19 outbreak: prevention is more effective than treatment
Shortage of affordable antiviral and antibacterial disinfectants for public places, transport, food processing industry
Shortage of disposable medical masks
The Solution
MAGNARIL device to produce low cost disinfectant for hospitals, transportation vehicles, offices, and public spaces
MAGNARIL liquid is produced at places of consumption from potable water and food grade ingredients (Sodium Chloride, Sodium Bicarbonate, etc.) by electric cold plasma in magnetic field
the disinfectant contains an electric charge sufficient to destroy nano-sized biological objects (bacteria, viruses, fungus). An additional effect is created by ions of sodium, oxygen, hydrogen, chlorine in an atomic state.
environmentally, people and animals friendly
Laboratory device (MVP)
Pre-production prototypes
MAGNARIL XL (200 litres per day)
MAGNARIL XXL (600 litres per day)
MAGNARIL’s Motherboard
The Effect
A form of plasma, dielectric barrier discharge (DBD), efficiently inactivates very small objects (20 - 50 μl) by damaging their proteins and DNA
Sodium ions, electrons, oxygen radicals and free chlorine destroy lipid membranes and proteins of viruses and bacteria
The Business Model
At the first stage the company sells the MAGNARIL devices to B2B customers that will be producing the MAGNARIL liquid by themselves
200 litres in 8 hours / EUR 5,890
600 litres in 8 hours / EUR 11,790
At the second stage the company leases out the MAGNARIL devices to B2B customers and provides service support and disposables.
200 litres in 8 hours / EUR 500 per month*
600 litres in 8 hours / EUR 950 per month*
At the third stage the company offers Desinfection-As-A-Service (DAAS) to B2B customers performed by company’s business partners
* The price includes service support and expendable materials
Current status
laboratory tests and clinical trials of antiviral and antibacterial* effects of MAGNARIL liquid are carried out for the certification purposes
Pre-production prototypes were made. MAGNARIL device is prepared for serial manufacturing:
design drawings and technology process
organise manufacturing process at subcontractors’ sites in Russia
certify MAGNARIL device (CE, etc.)
* Preliminary tests took place in Russian, Bulgarian, and Russian laboratories, agriculture and food processing factories
The Team
Dmitry Balabolin, Chief Technology Officer
Dipl. Engineer, after graduation in 1985 from MIREA – Russian Technology University, worked as an engineer at the Russian institute of Space Device Engineering. Serial entrepreneur and inventor since 1992.
Andrey Pechurin, Managing director
Graduated from the Economic faculty of Lomonosov Moscow State University, holds an MBA degree from Ashridge (Hult) Business School, UK. Last 15 years has been on senior positions in major industrial companies.
Contact information
Alternative Energy Future Oy
c/o Terkko Health Hub
Haartmaninkatu, 4
00290, Helsinki, Finland